Internal Use of Essential Oils


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A Webinar from a Family Aromaherbalist’s Perspective

Somewhere between these current two extremes: ‘never use essential oils internally’ and ‘you can take just about any essential oil internally’ is a balanced approach and view of the use of essential oils internally. In this two part webinar we will explore the internal use of essential oils including:

  1. What is internal use?
  2. Professional Liability/Scope of Practice versus Empowered Self Care
  3. Beyond Fear: Understanding dilutions and efficacy of the internal use of essential oils
  4. The big, bad and ugly of internal use: understanding misinformation
  5. Research validation of the effectiveness of some essential oils and essential oil components for internal use
  6. Personal stories from a mother, a woman, a partner, and a self care advocate
  7. Sample recipes and How to’s for home care healthcare: From cough syrups to suppositories*
  8. Safety matters and concerns
  9. Are essential oils dietary supplements? Food versus essential oils.
  10. Herbs and Essential oils: when one may be a more optimal remedy than the other

jade-st-johnsMy personal goal in offering this workshop is to open up discussions about internal use and to offer a balanced approach to the issue. The misinformation on this subject is rampant on both sides of the extreme. This workshop is designed from a personal history of internal use of essential oils and how they have worked for my family and friends. It is not a clinical treatment class on how to treat such things as cancer or lupus. We will cover safe remedies for common conditions we all experience such as cold, coughs, anxiety, insomnia, dry coughs, digestive upsets, etc. Join us for an exploration on the internal use of essential oils.

This is one of the first open educational seminars about the internal use of essential oils and it is recommended for all, even those who are adamantly opposed to the idea.

*You will receive a free e-book with recipes to make capsules, mouthwash, toothpaste, cough syrup, and suppositories along with appropriate safety and dilution guidelines.