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E-book: About Vegetable Oils


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Throughout this E-book you will learn the chemistry of vegetable oils, how and why they are important components in skin care, and explore over 25 incredible vegetable oils. Learn how the skin and vegetable oils share common characteristics and how vegetable oils can be used to support and enhance the health of the skin.

Your book is so complete and written in a very comprehensive way, so full of important information for us, aromatherapists. Like everything that you write, your courses, blog, etc. IMPRESSIVE !!
– Rebeca

I’m loving the book…I have always been interested in the perfect synergy of carrier and essential oils. I found About Vegetable Oils online while researching carriers that would be beneficial for a client who needs help with some superficial scarring. I often wind up looking online or in a few of my books for information that isn’t half as detailed as what you’ve put together, and I found just what I wanted quickly and wonderfully organized in your book. I know I’ll reference About Vegetable Oils often!

Your blending manual is next on my list. :)
– Stephanie